Interior Painting

Painting your home is invasive at times, and that is why we feel it is important to be very conscious, and respectful  of our customers and their property. Being careful , to always cover areas with drop cloths and plastic.  There is an art  to starting a paint job in an area of your home, and intruding as little as possible. Painting straight clean lines, and finishing the job, leaving no trace of being there. 

 There is a great divide between professional painters and just having anyone paint in your home. A divide in value and knowledge, that doesn't go unnoticed. Neighbors, friends, and especially potential home buyers notice un-straight  paint lines, and signs of inferior work. The paint work in your home is making a statement,    What is yours saying?

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting cabinets can add value and appeal to your home if they are done properly. We remove all the doors,drawers and hardware and deliver them to our shop to be prepped,sanded,primed and painted. The built in boxes are prepped the same way but sprayed in place after the room has been bagged with plastic. When the cabinet doors are cured, they are carefully loaded,delivered and installed. 

The average home can take up to 5 to 7 days to complete the painting process and re-install the drawers,doors and hardware.

Why choose us ?

Meticulous and professional painters with business integrity. 
Knowledgeable in coatings & applications
Over 25 years experience 
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Beach Condo Painting
Fast Professional Interior Painting
Our goal when painting beach condos from Gulf Shores Alabama to Orange Beach Alabama is to ultimately guide our customers  in a strategy  that saves them money maintaining their walls and trim. Our plan includes future touch-ups when their property is in a rental program. This prevents excessive re-painting and saves them money and creates more profits for their investment.  See our full gallery and call us today for a free estimate.  251-327-7615 
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Exterior Painting
Maintaining the exterior of your home does not have to be expensive. It requires professional painters with business integrity that are dedicated to their customers. 
 Having an affordable painting company  that is knowledgeable, and keeps good records of paint colors, can match your paint , and provide better touch-ups for years.
 Washing your home at least once a year , and  having a touch-up annually  can prolong exterior painting for years.  

  1. Stucco House Painting
  2. Exterior Stucco Painting
  3. Exterior Garage Door Painting complete
  4. Garage Door Painting
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Staining & Varnishing

Long Lasting Door Protection

Baldwin County Alabama has a high UV index which makes protecting surfaces extremely     
difficult  along the Gulf Coast. It is important to use the right products to stain and varnish exterior doors. Using the wrong Varnish could cause damage to the wood and make refinishing much more expensive. Call us today for free estimate. 
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Custom Built Wood Shutters
Using hand selected wood to create a rustic looking exterior shutter really stands out with a unique style on the front of your home. Our shutters are treated with a product that resist wood destroying organisms and protects from wood infesting insects. The wood is treated with two coats of high UV resistive coatings to withstand the harsh elements on the Gulf Coast.

Your custom built shutters can be stained to match existing front doors or stained with other colors available. Metal accents can be installed to create the look you want.  
  1. Rustic Shutters with High UV Coating
  2. Shutter installation
  3. Boring shutters
  4. Custom Built Rustic Shutters With Metal Accents
  5. Custom Built Wood Shutters with metal accents.
  6. Shutters that last.
  7. Rustic Shutters
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Drywall Repairs & Texture Matching
Orange Peel,Knockdown and Popcorn Blown Textures
After repairing drywall, matching the existing texture in your home can be very difficult. Producing similar textures, like knockdown and orange peel requires years of experience, because there are so many variables that can change the look of blown textures. The idea of matching textures is to blend the new and the old, and the results should be a well disguised patch that can hardly be noticed. Call us today, and get a free estimate on your repair.  251-327-7615
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Pressure Washing 
We offer Pressure washing services to Baldwin County residential customers. Your home will be washed with great care to protect your exterior finishes and plants around your home.
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